a problem shared is a problem halved



29th September - 1st October

3 Ada Road is pleased to present ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ – a group exhibition formed as a collaboration with India Dickinson Gallery for Art Licks Weekend.



‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ simulates the workplace as individual pieces are used in conjunction to envision a place of development. The use of natural materials is a reminder of traditional craftsmanship; a workplace environment is created to be synonymous with problem solving. The objects themselves are their own individual entities yet serve as a method for the artist to find functional solutions.

Curatorial emphasis has been placed on the materiality of each artwork. Our modern digital world removes us from the art of craftsmanship and the tradition of using raw materials. This exhibition aims to bring process and materiality back into the forefront. Sculptures in the space handmade by BASK and McHenry from English Oak and marble are spectacularly crafted to almost appear machine made, whilst Markov’s huge tar paintings dominate with a raw materiality of layers indicating a laborious process. Glover’s prints and tiles return to the simplicity of craft with material mark making. The geometric patterns Shepherd has forged appear like a puzzle or part of a machine, with the texture of the work highlighting its natural material. Froehlich’s iPhone hand cut and finished from salvaged bronze, reduces the ubiquitous communication device to some of the raw materials which we depend on yet rarely encounter. Each touch is visible on the polished surface. 

“Let us in fact make a theoretical reconstruction of an imaginary object, basing our work on fragments of unknown function and uncertain origin.
              Whatever emerges from this, we will not know exactly what it is, or what world it belongs to. Maybe it will belong solely to the world of aesthetics and imagination.”                                                                                                    (Theoretical Reconstructions of Imaginary Objects, Bruno Munari)

BASK Collective
Cadi Froehlich
Ali Glover
Vladislav Markov
Dominic McHenry
Jim Shepherd